The tenant pays the fee, you get the guarantee.

Have your potential tenant(s) fill out the application online.  We will call you back with an approval number…usually the same day!

Free to Property Owners!!!

Rent Protectors - Check
If you ever need to evict a tenant
again, this check could be yours!!!

We screen tenants, and if they don’t pay the rent… WE DO!
…and The Tenant Pays Our Fee.

Your next tenant can be Rent Protected…today!

Have your next renters fill out the application on the tenants page, collect the $75 screening fee and fax, phone or send the application online to us. We will call you back with an approval number, usually the same day.

We suggest you offer the tenant payment of:

A) 1st months rent + Security Deposit equal to 2 months rent or;

B) 1st months rent + Security Deposit equal to 1 months rent +$75 for Rent Protectors

A)                              +                              =                             

B)                              +                              $75 =                       

Renters Savings =                       

The tenant saves money and you get a check if the Tenant doesn’t pay! Everyone benefits!!

Sample $1,000 Apartment:

A) 1st Months Rent $1,000 + Deposit $1,000 + Last Month’s Rent $1,000 = $3,000 + Screening Fee (2 people avg. $75) = $3,075

B) 1st Months Rent $1,000 +Deposit $1,000 +Rent Protectors Fee $75 = $2,075

Renters Savings= $1,000!!


Some landlords and management reduce the deposit required for Rent Protected tenants. We require at least 1/2 month as a deposit. The initial deposit must be in certified funds.

Our Guarantee

In the event of a default in the payment of rent within one year of the approval date, Rent Protectors will reimburse up to $750 in lost rent, attorneys fees and court costs. No reimbursement shall be payable for any period after the unit is vacated. No physical damage shall be reimbursed. The landlord must serve a 3 day notice within 10 days after the rent is late and begin an unlawful detainer within 20 days. Rent Protectors must be notified of the delinquency within 10 days by emailing The amount reimbursed shall be up to $1,000 as awarded by the courts and shall include attorneys fees, court costs and lost rent only. This offer is void where prohibited or regulated by law.